Delta is a full service Process Serving/Court Service Company located in Queens County for easy access to all 5 Boroughs, Nassau, Suffolk, Westchester and Rockland Counties. We provide service throughout New York State, within the 50 States and Abroad.

About Us

Delta Court Service, Inc. is licensed, bonded and insured. We have a number of security procedures set in place- such as cameras in front of and inside our office. All completed documents are shredded on a daily basis. All working files are kept in locked filing cabinets. Employees adhere to a clean desk policy- no confidential or private information is left out if they leave for a break or for the day.

All of our process servers are licensed by the DCA. They all use Independent Server to GPS each and every service. Logbooks are also used by each server to log every attempt and service they make.

Delta conducts a monthly audit of each process server. We inspect their affidavits, logbooks, and GPS records to ensure that each attempt and service that they complete are compliant with the DCA rules and regulations. We notify them as well as the DCA if there is any inconsistency or if non-compliance is found.

Delta Court Service, Inc. takes pride in its work and in its clients. Our work is a reflection on our clients and thus we strive for perfection.


"Delta Court Service is a great company to work with. A bunch of individuals who care about their work product. I would definitely keep doing business with this great company for the foreseeable future."
- Lasers Inc.


87-67 148th Street, 2nd Floor, Jamaica, New York 11435

Phone: 1(718)-739-3020

Fax: 1(929)-601-3020


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